Video Production


WG Designs specializes in TV commercials, music videos, video CDs, DVDs, company presentations and social events. all of these categories and more. I use state-of-the-art equipment to capture your production from capture to edit. I'm the pro in non-linear editing and digital touch up. So not only will your production be precisely edited, it will also have the best color and appeal.


Visual Effects


Smoke, fire, buildings crumbling, explosions, all the things you see in movies are considered visual effects. Another part of visual effects is the use of green screen, which is replaced with a virtual studio, which is much cheaper than building a set and looks better. Composited with these 3d elements, and you have one heck of a presentation. WG Designs specializes in green screen, map painting, and compositing.


3D Animation


Character animation, cartoons, Medical diagrams, 3D character animation, animated logos, back drops and much much more. Using the latest technology to model, animate, and compsite your vision.


Please watch the demo reel to see some of my past projects.


WG Designs demo

WG Designs 2013 Demo Reel

WG Designs Medical Animation

WG Designs Medical Animation Reel


Flowers by Fred commercial

Flowers by Fred Commercial

Zebra commercial

Zebra Commercial


Nystrom Contracting Web Commercial

Nystrom Contracting Web Commercial

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